Loon’s final flight blog.x.company

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has announced that it is shutting down its ambitious plan to connect the world through balloons in the stratosphere.

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NHTSA releases final Low-Volume Manufacturing Rules www.newdelorean.com

The DeLorean Motor Company has released the following statement about its plans to produce replica cars:.

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Intel outsources Core i3 to TSMC's 5nm process www.eenewseurope.com

Intel is set to outsource production of some of its leading processors to a foundry in Taiwan.

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Alibaba's Jack Ma makes first live appearance in three months in online meet www.reuters.com

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has made his first public appearance in more than a month, amid a regulatory clampdown on his business empire.

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A fresh new avenue for Google to kill your SaaS startup gomox.medium.com

If you want to know more about how Google can inadvertently crush your business, here's a comprehensive FAQ.

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BuyNothingProject buynothingproject.org

The Buy Nothing Project is a global social movement that encourages people to give away, lend, borrow, or share anything they need for free.

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