Infinite Scale

The ownCloud Infinite Scale project is now available on GitHub.

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Loon’s final flight

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has announced that it is shutting down its ambitious plan to connect the world through balloons in the stratosphere.

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Stepping up for a truly open source Elasticsearch

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that it will fork the Elasticsearch and Kibana open source projects.

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NHTSA releases final Low-Volume Manufacturing Rules

The DeLorean Motor Company has released the following statement about its plans to produce replica cars:.

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Retiring Tucows Downloads

The Tucows Downloads website is shutting down after 25 years.

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How We Ported Linux to the M1

A security research project at Corellium has been working on a Linux port to the A10 processor, a 64-bit ARM chip that Apple released in 2020.

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Google Blocking Web Privacy Proposals at W3C

In our series of letters from African journalists, film-maker and columnist Farai Sevenzo looks at Google’s efforts to block efforts to improve web privacy.

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The Lakota: A Human Story

The Lakota, the world’s largest Native American tribe, is the subject of a new book by Pekka Hämäläinen.

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Porting Firefox to Apple Silicon

Mozillla’s platform team has been working on porting Firefox to run on Apple's new ARM-based Macs.

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I tried creating a web browser, and Google blocked me

I've been unable to access the internet for the past two days because of a problem with Google's Chrome browser.

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