Wait, What? MIPS Becomes RISC-V www.eejournal.com

It’s the end of an architecture, and the beginning of a new one.

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Folklore.org: -2000 Lines Of Code www.folklore.org

The Original Macintosh: 41 of 128 -2000 Lines of Code.

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MIPS Technologies joins RISC-V, moves to open-source ISA standard tuxphones.com

One of the world's largest chip manufacturers, MIPS, has announced that it is switching to the open-source RISC-V architecture.

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Israel, Cyprus and Greece agree to link power grids via subsea cable www.reuters.com

Cyprus, Greece and Israel have signed an agreement to build a subsea electricity cable across the Mediterranean.

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Finding Mona Lisa in the Game of Life avinayak.github.io

I’ve been working on a way to display Mona Lisa on a computer.

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Medical researcher discovers integration, gets 75 citations fliptomato.wordpress.com

Physicists and doctors have a lot in common, but not all of us are made of the same stuff.

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Are you a robot? www.bloomberg.com

BBC Sport takes a look at some of the top stories of the week:.

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Digital identity scheme shot down by voters over data privacy concerns www.swissinfo.ch

Voters in Switzerland have rejected a proposed law to set up a single electronic identity system.

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Remembering Allan McDonald: He Refused To Approve Challenger Launch, Exposed Cover-Up text.npr.org

The engineer who tried to stop the launch of the Challenger space shuttle in 1986 has died, his family says.

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Someone Is Hacking the Hackers gizmodo.com

A Russian cybercrime forum has been hacked for the third time in less than a year.

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