Anxiety Is in Your Body, Not Your Mind elemental.medium.com

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in America, affecting nearly 20% of the population.

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Iran nuclear: 'Terrorist act' at underground Natanz facility www.bbc.com

The Israeli military says it is investigating the cause of an explosion at a nuclear facility in Iran.

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Google does not want you to tell your players about your donation page agateau.com

Google has banned me from playing Pixel Wheels because I added a donation page to the game.

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The Shape of Rome – Ex Urbe www.exurbe.com

In our series of letters from African journalists, film-maker and columnist Farai Sevenzo looks at how Rome’s history and structure are one and the same, and how this real ancient city shows her past…

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The Simplicity of Making Librem 5 Apps – Purism puri.sm

The Librem 5 is a mobile operating system that allows you to build and run GTK applications directly on your mobile device.

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End of support for Firefox on Amazon Devices support.mozilla.org

Firefox on Amazon devices is coming to an end.

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Towards the Science of Essential Decentralised Infrastructures dl.acm.org

In our paper, we present a novel trustworthy networking infrastructure that can be used to establish trust between peers.

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Particle mystery deepens, as physicists confirm that the muon is more magnetic than predicted www.sciencemag.org

The muon may be more magnetic than theory predicts, according to a new result from an experiment at Fermilab in Illinois.

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Everyone Is Still Terrible At Creating Software At Scale margint.blog

I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but I’ve been thinking a lot about software development over the past few days.

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Perfect Motherfucking Website perfectmotherfuckingwebsite.com

This is the final motherfucking website, you fuck.

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